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Arts@ARCO is a FREE, family-friendly arts program and event series dedicated to making the arts accessible, diverse, and inspiring. Each show will look different from the last with musical performances, visual artists, acting workshops, interactive experiences, and more. ​

Sarah Rodriguez,

visual artist

The Arts@ARCO serves as a dynamic cultural hub, providing an invaluable space forcommunity engagement with the arts. Through their thoughtful programming theyshowcase the uniqueness and diversity of the Price Hill neighborhood.

Alyssa Batsakis, 

The Ghostlight Stage Company

The Arts@ARCO program is great for new nonprofits like ours and helped us get off the ground by giving us the resources needed to put on our first event, while also helping us to achieve our mission of making the arts more accessible.

show layout


Shawnee Theatre can feature art organizations and small groups that have arts experiences with an interactive or educational component.

Examples: art demonstrations, art making classes, acting workshops, impact discussions, and documentaries.

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Iris Gallery provides Price Hill visual artists a 20 ft gallery adjacent to its 3rd-floor performance space. The artist has the opportunity to display their work in Iris for up to a month.


Examples: paintings, pencil drawings, photography, or mixed media.


Myaamia Hall gives local and regional performers high-quality, acoustically perfected,  performance space. Sets can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the artform and collaboration with other artists.

Examples: musical acts, opera, theatre, poetry, and limited dance.

Groups we've collaborated with for Arts@ARCO include: American Legacy Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Cincinnati Song Initiative, Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Children's Theatre of Cincinnati, the Ghostlight Stage Company, Ijo Ugo, and more!


JOIN or support OUR PROGRAM!

Interested in hosting or being a part of a future Arts@ARCO event? We encourage arts groups and organizations, individual artists, and creatives of all mediums to apply!

When you give or book a space at our venue, you help provide people in our community with access to educational opportunities and interactive arts experiences.

Thank you to our 2023 and 2024 season sponsors

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