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10/18/22-11/15/22: Harvesting Joy Series | 6:30PM

WITH RAMONA WADE OF Reflections Reflective Writing Circles

The Harvesting Joy Series is a five-week writing circle/workshop where participants creatively experience the gift of writing in a leisurely and gratifying way. Each week, one of the five senses is used as a writing prompt to guide participants in harvesting joy. The smell of a forgotten place, the warmth and feel from a significant touch, the sweetness and comfort of taste, the affirming smile, and the excitement of the sound will become significant. This two-hour workshop will help participants recognize and capture recognized and unrecognized moments that are too often overlooked and forgotten.

*Writing sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm.

Week I (10/18): Sight

Week II (10/25): Smell

Week III (11/01): Touch

Week IV (11/08): Taste

Week V (11/15): Sound

Bring your pad and pen and chisel your raw thoughts. Share your talent or use the experience to follow your muse. Consider one or all five of the writing sessions. Light refreshments will be provided.

Contact Ramona Wade at to reserve your spot!


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