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Everyone likes going to events,

so let's make sure everyone can.


When the former Price Hill Masonic Lodge was renovated into ARCO in 2019-20', Price Hill Will made accessibility a front-facing issue. Not only is ARCO fully ADA accessible, but we have taken additional steps to provide event-inclusive materials and additional items to help guests access the space with ease. 

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access highlights


When entering the ARCO parking lot, you can find 3 ADA spaces next to the main parking lot entrance.


ARCO's elevator runs through all 4 floors of ARCO and the lower level basement.

print materials

Want to help your guests plan their visit? Below we have parking guides, path of travel guides, and more.


In the event a guest needs physical assistance, ARCO has a wheelchair available on site. 


Wayfinding signs can be found throughout ARCO. These signs have also been translated into Spanish and Braille.


ARCO welcomes all those with trained service animals to use our facility.

Shawnee theater

restrooms & GENDER Inclusivity

Here is what you should know:

  • Restrooms at ARCO are ADA accessible with one stall per restroom. 

  • All restrooms have baby changing stations. 

  • While our permit requires us to have designated women's and men's restrooms, we encourage renters to choose a restroom to designate as gender-neutral, at which time ARCO can provide you with the appropriate signs. 

  • While there is no restroom on the 1st floor of ARCO, you can access all restrooms via the elevator in the west wing of the building. 

Access issues

ARCO renovation funding was possible in part to historic tax credits. Unfortunately, credits like these put restrictions on some physical changes to the building. Some of these restrictions means loss of access which we've tried to mitigate through other additions. But we want our guests to be aware: 

  • ARCO is accessible for persons using wheelchairs by the west door or adjacent 1st floor north doors only. 

  • The second-floor balcony is not wheelchair accessible. 

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