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À la carte

ARCO can provide additional services, AV products, and general event items to round out your event needs without you having to make costly purchases outside of your venue rental. We can also put you in touch with our preferred caterers if you plan on adding it to your rental.

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General items

include podium, cocktail tables, table linens, stanchions with velvet ropes, black chair covers, Christmas tree and decor, balloon column and base, bar caddy with two bar mats.



include full cleaning service (per theater), table and chair setup (per theater), event marketing material creation, bartending (per hour/4hr min), security (per hour/4hr min), photography (per hour/2hr min). 

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Audio - visual - performance 

On top of enhanced acoustics, floor-embedded XLR cable raceways, and pianos featured in each theater, ARCO is able to enhance the experience of all guests with our collection of AV products and services.

Theatrical AV Package

includes mixer sound system, theatrical lights, basic projector, 2 wireless mics, 1 wired mic, and mic stand.

Upgraded AV Package

includes 1 wireless mic and 1 wired mic, mic stand, and Bluetooth functionality to connect to phones or laptops.

Basic Sound

includes 1 wired mic and mic stand.

Spotlights/Theatrical Lights

must be operated by ARCO staff unless otherwise approved by Venue Director.

Piano Tuning

covers either piano. Tuning required for use of Boston Grand piano in Myaamia Hall. Shawnee Theater features baby grand piano.

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include basic or upgraded projector, spotlight stencil/gobo, mic and cable, wireless mic, mic stands, and audio/video technician (per hour).



Need a helping hand? An ARCO ambassador can take out some of the guesswork by providing assistance both prior to and on the day of your event. This role can be customized per event with the approval of the Venue Director.

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