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Join us for our sixth Arts@ARCO honoring Disability Pride Month as we challenge the stigma surrounding disability and provide accessible spaces for people of varying ages and abilities to engage.


Disability Pride is about taking pride in one’s whole self and recognizing disability as both an integral part of one’s identity and as something that can be experienced differently at any given stage of life.  

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VEEN bristow

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I am a Cincinnati-based illustrator and graphic designer seeking to expand my knowledge in the creative industry. A lot of my sensibilities come from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese action comics, high sci-fi, punk rock, and surrealism. In recent years I have been getting involved with my neighborhood and local community, volunteering as a graphic designer and visual artist as well as social media content creator. I feel the most rewarded when I see the content I create helping our local and global community. I have lived on the West Side of Cincinnati for 7 years with my boyfriend, where we love eating Graeter’s and visiting the Cincinnati parks with my dog, and hanging out on our porch with our cat.